Participate in a study

Earn up to 25 CHF/hour for participating in interesting experiments in the Lab and on campus

Take part in studies and see for yourself how the behavioural science is done, while earning some pocket money – we pay 25 CHF per one hour of participation. Most of our studies take place in the Behavioral Lab (Tellstrasse 2, 9000 St. Gallen) but in some cases you can participate remotely or on campus.

To stay on top of all current experiments you need to register on Sona platform – there you can see all available studies including a short description and the compensation as well as seamlessly sign up for ones that fit your schedule. After registration once new study appears, you will receive a notification to your email.

This Video Tutorial shows you how to register on Sona Systems and how to sign up for a study.

None of our studies involves physical exertion or medical procedures. Your data will be used for research purposes only.

Sign up here, the link to Sona platform: