In the lobby of the library building, there are lockers for smaller pieces of luggage (bags, rucksacks). Stow them away safely with your own padlock on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Lockers on loan

Around 100 lockers can be reserved independently via our catalogue or at the circulation desk. You will receive an email as soon as a locker is available for you. Please contact the circulation desk in the library to have the locker unlocked and borrowed for you for at least 28 days.

The locker needs to be provided with a private padlock and is available under the usual borrowing regulations.

If our emails (call backs and reminders) are ignored after the loan period has expired, the library will break open lockers on loan that have not been cleared. Items will be returned if they can be correctly described, and the fees have been paid (CHF 20.- reminder fee + CHF 10.- break open fee). The library reserves the right to dispose of items that have a low value (less than CHF 50.-) immediately after they have been broken open. After two months of storage, all items will be disposed of.

Weekly lockers

Over 430 lockers can be used from Monday to Saturday. Those weekly lockers must be vacated at least 15 minutes before the library closes on Saturday. To find out about our current opening- and service hours, please refer to Opening hours and directions. They are then (subsequently) locked and broken open on the following Tuesday. All details can be found in the regulations for weekly lockers.

Daily lockers

About a dozen lockers are reserved for short term loans. A key can be borrowed from the circulation desk. The locker must be cleared, and the key returned on the same day. The library padlock remains always on the locker.


Forcing open padlocks if key is lost

To break open padlocks in the event of key loss or for other reasons, an order form must be filled out. A fee of CHF 10.- will be charged.

The library of the University of St. Gallen declines any liability for locked-in objects, damage or willful breaking of the padlocks.

Our regulations and fees


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