Printing, photocopying, scanning

The Library offers several multifunctional printers (MFP) for printing, photocopying and scanning. Also there are a coin copier and a specific book scanner in the basement available.

You need a smart card to print and photocopy.

  • Students use the HSGcard to print and photocopy.
  • External library users can obtain a smart card from the circulation desk in the library.


  • Students: The credit balance is not stored on the HSGcard, but in the personalised HSGcard Centre:
    When the account is first set up, it must be registered. You can add money and check your account status on the personal account page. You can use any payment method currently accepted at the HSG to add money to your account.
  • External library users please contact the circulation desk in the library.


How to print

  • on your private laptop (enrolment via Eduroam or VPN): go to
  • on a public workstation: click on the icon "HSG Print2Me" on the desktop
  • log in with your username and password
  • upload a PDF-file using the browse button
  • select options and amount of copies you want to print
  • click on "print" and the file will be logged in the Print2Me queue
  • Instructions: How to print multiple pages on one sheet of paper [PDF]

How to collect printing jobs

You can use your HSGcard / smart card for personal print jobs at any Multifunctional printer (MFP) that has a card reader as long as there is enough balance on your personal account. In the Library Building there are two MFPs in the cloakroom, another MFP is in the study space in the Avenue (towards the SQUARE) and one in the basement of the library. An additional MFP is available for HSG members in the mainbuilding in the room A 01-U103. Printing jobs can be picked up within 24 hours of sending the print job. Rooms A 01-U102 and A 01-U103 in the main building are PC rooms for HSG members.

  • Place your card on the MFP's card reader
  • Print jobs that have been entered can be printed
  • log out after you're done printing.
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How to print at the HSG


  • coin-operated photocopier is available in the basement of the library.
  • You can also photocopy at the Multifunctional printers (MFPs).


  • book scanner is located in the basement of the library. It will allow you to scan articles and book pages, and save them directly on your USB-stick.
  • flatbed scanner for scanning single pages (documentation, graphs etc.). You have the additional option to save data on the computer in order to further process them. Location: in the basement.
  • Scanning with MFPs: The document feeder can be used to scan multiple pages. Free of charge, but a smart card is needed for the card reader.
  • Scan-to-me: at the MFPs, scan-to-me (e-mail) is possible for university members.

Scanning is free of charge.


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