Borrowing Regulations

Borrowing regulations of the Library of the University of St.Gallen.


Loan period and renewal modalities

The loan period is fixed for 28 calendar days.

After expiry of the loan period of 28 days*, the loan period will be automatically extended by a further 28 days as long as no hold requests have been placed on this particular document. If a hold request has been placed, the document will be recalled by e-mail after the end of each 28-day period.

The maximum loan period is 168 days (= 6 times 28 days).
After expiration of this loan period the document has to be returned to the library; a further extension is no longer possible. Documents have to be returned to the Library and can then be loaned again.

* refers to calendar days.


When a hold request has been placed on a document, a recall will be initiated on the 1st day after expiration of the loan period or the renewed loan period of 28 days.

Borrowers commit themselves to return documents no later than the 5th opening day after the recall has been sent. This also applies to all periods of absence. Illness may only be accepted as an excuse for late returns with a doctor’s certificate.

Documents can also be returned by post. The return date is the day on which the borrowed document arrives at the Library. Users are liable for late postal delivery, damage or loss.

Reminder / Overdue Notices

As soon as the loan period is exceeded, the following reminders and overdue notices are sent:


  • e-mail
  • on the 1st day after expiration of the loan period
  • free of charge

1st overdue notice

  • e-mail
  • on the 6th opening day after the reminder has been sent 
  • CHF 5.- per document

2nd overdue notice

  • e-mail 
  • on the 6th opening day after the 1st overdue notice has been sent
  • + CHF 5.- per document

3rd overdue notice

  • e-mail and registered letter with threat of further (legal) action (exclusion of Library use) + blocking of the user account 
  • on the 6th opening day after the 2nd overdue notice has been sent
  • + CHF 10.- per document

Reminders or overdue notices (by e-mail or letter) which were not received will not be accepted as justification for late returns. The due date can be checked in the borrower's user account at any time. Name and address changes including e-mail address and telephone number updates must be made independently in the personal SWITCH edu-ID.

Circulation Restrictions

As non-circulating stock, the following items are excluded from circulation:

  • Single issues and bound volumes of journals
  • Loose-leaf publications
  • Reference books (marked with a green dot, item status "library use")
  • Archival copies of HSG doctoral dissertations
  • Archival collection (location "Archive")

In urgent cases, the following items may be borrowed from one quarter of an hour before closing until one quarter of an hour after opening of the library:

  • Reference books (marked with a green dot, item status "library use")
  • Bound volumes of journals

Authorized persons may borrow a maximum of 100 documents. According to Art. 4 of the User Regulations, some specific services may be limited for persons residing outside of Switzerland.

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