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New at the HSG? 11 tips for your studies

Are you one of the approximately 2,500 students at Bachelor's and Master's level who are starting their studies at the HSG? We have compiled 11 helpful tips for your start into your studies and for your further time at the HSG.


A good network is not only helpful at work, but also at university. You can get to know experienced students who can help you with questions about your studies, for example, in one of the more than 120 student associations. The clubs cover almost everything from business to sustainability to sports. You can also get involved with the student union. In addition, campus credits can be awarded for services rendered in the interest of the entire university.


The HSG's social media channels are also ideal for networking: On LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, the university constantly publishes news about campus life, start-ups, research and teaching.


Do you want to develop not only professionally but also personally at university? The HSG offers a coaching programme for assessment students that is unique in Switzerland. During one year, students are accompanied by professional coaches in the development of their personality. The application deadline for the programme is 2 October. The programme can only be taken in English.


Especially at the beginning, it is not always easy to find your way around the campus. That's why you should use the MazeMap: There you can not only find the right building, but also see which room is where in the building. The MazeMap is integrated into the SHSG app, but can also be used separately as an app for iOS and Android. 


Do you want to gain international experience during your studies? The HSG offers exchange opportunities with over 200 partner universities worldwide. But beware: The number of study places at the various universities is limited and the popularity of the exchange places at the partner universities is high. In the selection process, the overall grade point average from the degree programme and proof of English language proficiency are important, among other things, and a letter of motivation including a CV must also be submitted. 


Download the SHSG app – it informs you about news and events of the clubs and has a large service area where you can see the cafeteria menu or the sports programme in one place. The app also has a study space finder and a room booking tool.


You can make uncomplicated first contacts in the professional world at the HSG Career Days. In 2021, 34 companies presented themselves to students there. There are also specialised events such as the Banking Days or the Consulting Days.


Need to polish up your small talk in Spanish, Chinese or Swiss German? The HSG Language Centre offers free conversation courses in twelve languages. Participants are taught by students in their mother tongue.


Even if the semester seems endless at the beginning – start doing the necessary work during the semester and don't put everything off until the learning phase. Experienced HSG students warn that you will regret procrastinating.


You can work out at Unisport. In addition to strength and fitness equipment, an artificial turf pitch and a new outdoor gym, it offers courses in dozens of sports – from A for Aikido to Z for Zumba. 


Do you urgently need a break? In the SHSG relaxation room you can relax or take a power nap - with wake-up service if you wish! 

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