The choice of elective courses makes it possible for students taking the certificate to get a combined deep knowledge in the four main fields relevant to FinTech applications: F(Financial Technology), T (Technological and methodological skills related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), D (Computer programming with emphasis on programming languages useful in FinTech) and B (Digital businesses and digital value creation for financial services and products).

In order to achieve its educational objective, the FinTech Certificate programme offers two types of Master’s courses:

- Two compulsory courses focusing on FinTech (8 ECTS credits in total).  

- Four categories of compulsory elective courses in the remaining areas of T, D and B. Ideally, the FinTech students will take at least one course from each category.  (16 ECTS credits in total)

To successfully complete the FTC, students should earn a total of 24 ECTS credits.

Number Name Lecturer  Semester ECTS Host
7,590 Fintech - Economics and Technology Gruber Peter Autumn 4 FinTech
8,590 Fintech Seminars  Georg Co-Pierre Spring 4 FinTech
Number Name Lecturer Semester ECTS Host
7,040|8,023 RPV: Design Thinking for Artificial Intelligence Hehn Jennifer
van Giffen Benjamin
A & S 8 MBI
7,044 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Mommert Michael  A 6 MBI

Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty

Biener Christian A 4 MBI
7,230 Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning Borth Damian A 4 MUG
7,310 Data Analytics I: Predictive Econometrics Marekova Jana A 4 MiQEF
7,325 Smart Data Analytics Härdle Wolfgang A 4 MiQEF
7,375 | 8,380 Quantitative Text Analysis Gava Roy S 4 MIA
7,682 Medien/Media: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Algorithmic Society Barassi Veronica A 6 KTX
7,852 Human Computer Interaction Schöning Johannes A 6 MCS
8,024 FPV: Big Data und Data Science - Intelligente Datenprodukte entwickeln (not FS24) Blohm Ivo S 4 MBI
8,048 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (not FS24) Borth Damian S 6 MBI
8,274 Corporate Finance, Banking and Venture Capital Häfner Samuel, Keuschnigg Christian S 4 MEcon
8,330 Machine Learning (MiQEF) Preinerstorfer David S 4 MiQEF
8,334 Game Theoretic Models for a Digital World Gizatullina Alia S 4 MiQEF
8,380 Quantitative Text Analysis Gava Roy S 4 MIA
Number Name Lecturer Semester ETCS Host
7,162 Financial Programming with Matlab Schürle Michael Hermann A 4 MBF
7,264 Data Handling: Databases

Venturini Marco

A 4 MEcon
7,781 Skills: Julia - A Fresh Approach to Numerical Computing Söderlind Paul A 3 KTX
7,789|8,789 Skills: Programming with Advanced Computer Languages Silic Mario A & S 3 KTX
7,854 Data Science Handschuh Siegfried A 6 MCS
7,856 Advanced Software and Systems Engineering Mayer Simon
Barbara Weber
7,858 Advanced Databases Niklaus Christina A 6 MCS
7,926 Introduction to Machine Learning in R Stachl Clemens A 6 CEMS
8,016 Methoden: Big Data und Data Science Blohm Ivo S 6 MBI
8,017 Engineering Software Systems (not FS24) Salvaneschi Guido S 4 MBI
8,060 Web Data and Digital Analytics (not FS24) Hildebrand Christian S 4 MiMM
8,273 Multivariate Statistical Analysis with Python Fengler Matthias S 4 MEcon
8,780 Skills: Network Analysis and Visualization with R & Python Hoffmann Magnus S 3 KTX
8,338 Introduction to Web Mining for Social Scientists (not FS24) Matter Ulrich S 4 MiQEF
8,785 Skills: Data Security and Privacy Mitrokotsa Katerina S 3  KTX
9,014 Introduction to Software Engineering Salvaneschi Guido A 6 MBI
9,015 Cryptography (not FS24) Mitrokotsa Katerina S 6 MBI
Number Name Lecturer Semester ETCS Host
7,008 RPV: Data Science - Methods and Technologies for Data-driven Business Models Wulf Jochen Andreas A 4 MBI
7,017 Cybersecurity and Privacy Mitrokotsa Katerina A 3 MBI
8,032 Methods: Social Network Analysis - a Systematic and Quantifying Approach Shahrezaye Morteza S 3 MBI
7,041 Fintech Innovation in Singapore and Southeast Asia (FISSA) Njavro Mato A 3 MBI
7,048 Value Creation with (Big) Data - Enterprise Solutions and Technologies for Text Analytics Back Andrea A 3 MBI
7,260 Industrial Organization and Digitalization Bühler Stefan A 4 MEcon
7,377 Introduction to Cryptography and Cybersecurity Horlemann Anna-Lena A 4 MIA
7,850 Cyber Security Mitrokotsa Katerina A 6 MCS
8,210 Digital Business and Transformation (not FS24) Ebel Philipp Alexander S 4 SIM
8,027 Ubiquitous Computing and the Internet of Things Mayer Simon S 3 MCS
8,288 Blockchain Markets Häfner Samuel S 4 MEcon
8,711 Recht/Law: Wirecard, Datenanalytik, Vertrauen und Kontrolle - Warnsignale erkennen Schuchter Alexander S 3 KTX
Number Name Lecturer Semester ECTS Host
9,165 Financial Technlogy (MBF) Barbon Andrea A 4 MBF