Job Market Candidates

GPEF Job Market Candidates 2022/2023

Placement Officer: Prof. Angelo Ranaldo

Placement Administrator: Mirela Keuschnigg

Solene Collot, PhD Candidate in Finance

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Job Market Paper:
"Commodity Run": when the effect of commodity futures
markets on the real economy creates a paradox

Primary research interests: empirical asset pricing,
information and market efficiency, derivatives markets, commodities, ESG


Prof. Markus Schmid
Professor of Corporate Finance and SFI (chair)
University of St.Gallen
+41 71 224 7042

Prof. Dr. Andrei Kirilenko 
University of Cambridge
+44 1223 765 484

Dr. Zeno Adams 
University of St. Gallen 
+41 71 224 70 14

Niklas Haeusle, PhD Candidate in Finance


Job Market Paper: 
Collusion-Proof Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Primary research interests: decentralized finance and insurance

Prof. Alexander Braun (Chair) and SFI
University of St.Gallen
+41 71 224 3653

Prof. Kose John
Professor of Banking and Finance
New York University, Stern
+1 (212) 998-0337

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