Job Market Candidates

GPEF Job Market Candidates 2022/2023

Placement Officer: Prof. Angelo Ranaldo

Placement Administrator: Mirela Keuschnigg

Benedikt Ballensiefen, PhD Candidate in Finance

    Personal webpage

Job Market Paper:
Collateral Choice

Primary research interests: Asset pricing, monetary policy, and market microstructure

Angelo Ranaldo
Professor of Finance & Systemic Risk and SFI Senior Chair (Chair)
University of St.Gallen
+41 71 224 7010

Prof. Paul Söderlind
Professor of Finance (Chair)
University of St. Gallen

Prof. Martin Brown
Director of the Study Center Gerzensee
+41 31 780 3101

Jeannine Polivka, PhD Candidate in Econometrics

  Personal webpage

Job Market Paper:
Structural Volatility Impulse Response Analysis

Primary research interests: Financial Econometrics, High Frequency Econometrics, Macroeconometrics, Time Series Analysis

Prof. Matthias R. Fengler (Chair)
University of St.Gallen
+41 71 224 2457

Prof. Christian Brownlees
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
++34 93 542 2750

Prof. Luca Fanelli
University of Bologna
+39 0541 434 253

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