Videos - 29.06.2023 - 15:51 

New artwork "www 12.03.1989 06.08.1991" by Brigitte Kowanz

Adrian Kowanz talks about his mother's artwork "www 12.03.1989 06.08.1991", which he completed after her death.
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The Austrian Brigitte Kowanz (1957-2022) created the work "www 12.03.1989 06.08.1991" shortly before her unexpected death. She called the conceptually and sensually impressive work "a kind of biography of the World Wide Web". The title contains the two dates, as Morse code on the aluminium tape and the neon light tube, on which the WWW was launched at CERN.

In the presence of benefactor Michael Hilti and her son Adrian Kowanz, who completed the work, the work was officially inaugurated on 28 June 2023. The work is located in the Executive Campus HSG Holzweid.

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