The Faculty of French offers seminars in French cultural history as part of Contextual Studies at the Bachelor’s and Master’s Level. The Faculty is also responsible for French language teaching at both Level.

Our teaching engages with questions of aesthetics, ethics, practices of critique and disciplinary approaches. Ranging from courses on key French writers and thinkers, to food studies and topics at the intersection of literature and medicine, our teaching aims to question the cultural moment in which we live.

We welcome graduate supervision enquiries from students interested in any area of twentieth and twenty-first century French literature and philosophy. For more details, please see Anna Elsner’s full research profile.

French is one of the most widely spoken modern languages in the world. With over 280 million speakers globally, most of them outside of Europe, French is one of the most important languages for business and finance. Our department offers French language courses at the Assessment and Bachelor level. Each year, 6 different courses are offered in 35 proficiency groups.