The team of the StartWeek consists of the core team and student project managers.

Core Team of the StartWeek

Prof. Dr. Roman Capaul is academic director of the Assessment Year and StartWeek. He teaches as titular professor of Business Administration with special emphasis on business education at the University of St.Gallen and is a member of the directorate at the Institute for Business Education. He is the author of several textbooks. Roman Capaul is responsible for the academic orientation of StartWeek.

Dipl.- Soz.- Wiss. Miriam Mrisi is project manager of the StartWeek and has been part of the team since 2011 She studied social sciences at the University of Duisburg and has lived in Switzerland since 2009. For the StartWeek, Miriam Mrisi is responsible for team management and overall conception. She is the one who pulls all the strings. Miriam Mrisi enjoys spending taking long walks with her dog, Carl-Heinz.

Severin Fässler B.A. HSG has been working for StartWeek since 2021. In the first two years he was a part of the student team. After his Bachelor of Law from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) he continued with his Master of Law at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and is currently writing his Master's Thesis. For the StartWeek, Severin Fässler is responsible for the room- and time-planning, as well as a large portion of the process- and project-management. Aside from his studies, he plays and conducts music in various ensembles.

Tanja Gresch Betriebswirtschafterin HF has been part of the Team of the StartWeek since February 2023. She carries the administrative lead of the StartWeek and is responsible for a large portion of the process- and project-management. Tanja Gresch has previously been active in education and academics and still lectures at the KV Business School in Zurich. She likes to spend her free time in nature and explore the world by camper.



Silvan Zeller B.A. HSG has been a member of the Team of the StartWeek since 2020. For the first two years he was part of the student team. After his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, he directly started his Master's program in Business Innovation at the HSG and is undergoing additional training in Business Education. At StartWeek, Silvan Zeller develops the case study and is co-responsible for the training of the Supervising Tutors. Consequently, he bears part of the didactic responsibility at the StartWeek. In his free time, he plays soccer for FC Adligenswil.

Student project managers of the StartWeek

Joel Lüchinger participated in StartWeek 2021 and 2022 as a member of the Support Crew before joining the Student Team in 2023. He is responsible for recruiting, leading, mentoring and training the Support Crew. Joel Lüchinger also organises product sponsorships for the StartWeek Café. He is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degrees in Law at HSG. In his free time, Joel Lüchinger enjoys water skiing and sings in a choir.

Julia Riederer B.A. HSG has been part of the StartWeek team since March 2023. She is responsible for the recruitment, orientation and leadership of the Supervising Tutors. Julia Riederer started her Master's program in General Management at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). In her free time, she likes to go on excursions with her dog and is involved with Turnverein Widnau.