Concept and objective

The bilingual StartWeek – held in German and English – kicks off studies for the new Assessment Year students at the University of St.Gallen (HSG).

The beginning of studies initiates an exciting period of life for new students. However, the transition to university also raises many questions and presents various challenges. The StartWeek is designed to introduce first-year students to their new surroundings, the university's requirements and their fellow students.

Administrative introduction

New students become familiar with the HSG campus, what is expected of them in their new role and the organizational aspects of studying. Learning modules designed to support this administrative integration include "Digital Onboarding", "Studies & Examinations", "Library Introduction" and "HSG Services" as well as an introduction to bidding (the course allocation system at HSG).

Case study

The interdisciplinary case study introduces new students to doing scientific work in an academic context. Networked thinking and good teamwork are vital to successfully tackling the case. As part of their academic integration, students' capacity for critical self-reflection and their sense of responsibility, cooperation and team spirit are promoted, in addition to various subject-specific and methodological skills. Key success factors for university studies can be tried out and applied in a safe environment.

Social interaction

Friendships are a central element of student life. They make it easier to work together on challenging tasks and greatly enrich student life outside of classes. Promoting students' social integration is an essential goal of the StartWeek. It is not uncommon for friendships formed during the StartWeek to last through the course of studies and beyond.

For students, by students

New students are divided into 70 groups, each accompanied and supported through the week by two students from higher semesters. These Supervising Tutors share their personal experiences, answer all kinds of questions and provide new students with valuable tips along the way.