Assessment Year in Economics and Law

The Assessment Year is the first year of undergraduate studies at HSG. In the course of this clearly structured year, you will acquire a wide range of foundational knowledge in the fields of business, economics and law.


The Assessment Year in Economics and Law is offered in two separate tracks, with instruction in either German or English. The main difference between the two is that the English track offers an economics specialisation that allows for subsequent Bachelor studies in Business Administration, Economics, International Affairs, or Law and Economics. The German track offers an additional option of a specialisation in Law for students interested in pursuing Bachelor studies in Law.

During your first two semesters at HSG, you will develop the necessary learning and working strategies as well as the professional basics of a successful study program. At the same time, the first year of studies helps to align university requirements and student expectations.

It is the student's responsibility to have sufficient language skills to successfully complete their studies. It is recommended that you have already reached at least level C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in the respective track language before taking up your studies.

The HSG Language Center offers a free English test for this purpose. Please choose the "Oxford English Placement Test" on the website of the Language Services to order a license for the English test.

Course curriculum

Studies during the Assessment Year consist of core studies and contextual studies. Core studies are divided into contact studies and independent studies. They include the compulsory courses Business Administration, Economics, and Law as well as the corresponding subject of the chosen specialization (Mathematics or Law II). The contextual studies consist of the following parts: Skills, Cultural and Social Sciences, and Foreign Language.


You will be required to show proficiency in a variety of different types of exams over the course of the Assessment Year. Besides traditional comprehensive written examinations, there are also term papers, group projects, oral examinations, and presentations to be completed.

Admission to the individual majors

Upon completing the Assessment Year with specialization in Economics, you can take up studies with majors in Business Administration, Economics, International Affairs, or Law and Economics. A specialization in Law is only offered in German, for students interested in pursuing studies with a major in Law. However, you may also change your specialization during your Bachelor studies: In this case, you will have to complete either Mathematics or Law II, respectively, of the Assessment Year as supplementary work.

Therefore, your decision regarding track language in the Assessment Year has little effect on your subsequent Bachelor studies. However, the respective admission requirements of the individual majors must be observed.

Please note that transferring to the Bachelor in Computer Science is only possible with successful completion of the separate Assessment Year in Computer Science.

Students who do not pass the Assessment Year may repeat it once, in its entirety. All examination parts need to be taken again. It is not possible to transfer any credits from a previous attempt, with the exception of the accountancy examination.