Major in Business Administration (BBA)

Do you want to positively influence the world as a future leader? Are team spirit and sustainability important values for you? Are you planning to build a far-reaching network during your studies? Do you want to gain valuable practical experience at the same time? Do you strive for global perspectives? Then the Major in Business Administration is the right choice for you.

Why Major in Business Administration?

Cognitions | Contacts | Communication

In the Major in Business Administration, we provide leadership skills, communication competencies, and information technology knowledge in addition to an excellent management education to make a difference in tomorrow's world. We train the leaders of the future. Our programme in Business Administration is the fundament for successful work in companies and international organisations, for the foundation of a start-up or a subsequent master's programme.

In addition to courses in business administration, you will attend courses in the fields of economics, law and computer science. You can choose to study in German or English (or a mix of both) and benefit from the latest interactive forms of teaching and learning. Already at the Bachelor level, you can specialise in one of nine profile areas (e.g. Finance, International Management or Entrepreneurial Informatics). A central element of our teaching is the high level of practical relevance. From the first day of your studies in the Major in Business Administration, you are involved in real projects with corporate partners.

Your personal development is just as important to us as your academic performance. Part of a holistic study program is that you act as a team player and think about topics such as business ethics or sustainability. But also, that you acquire new language skills and encounter a different study life during a semester abroad. You will learn to think globally and to act innovatively - all with the aim of making tomorrow's world a better one.

Our promise: We not only provide our students with the relevant knowledge using state-of-the-art methods, but we especially encourage the development of strong personalities.

Voices from the Bachelor BWL-Faculty

Prof. Dr. Ann-Kristin Zobel

Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis

The Bachelor in Business Administration Community

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