Podcasts - 29.06.2022 - 20:30 

Meet the CFO #20 with Raoul Rossmann | Dirk Rossmann GmbH

We are back again - and right away with a very special episode. Florian is a guest at the St.Gallen Symposium and meets Raoul Rossmann, Managing Director of Dirk Rossmann GmbH since September 2021. How does it feel to be responsible for a company with around 56,500 employees and a turnover of 11 billion euros in your mid-30s? What does it do to you when you are born into a family business and your own life path seems to be mapped out very early on? An exciting conversation develops about responsibility, current economic and social developments and what it is like to grow up with the company name as a surname.
Meet the CFO #20 Raoul Rossmann, Dirk Rossmann GmbH