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HSG graduation ceremony: Ready for life!

At the start of the spring semester on 19 February 2024, 49 doctoral students received their doctoral diplomas at HSG. In his address, President Manuel Ammann spoke of the "value of a doctorate" - of experts who have intensively studied scientific methodology for at least three years, created knowledge and trained their foresight.
On 19 February 2024, 49 doctoral students received their doctoral diplomas at HSG. In his address, President Manuel Ammann spoke of the "value of a doctorate".

"The graduation ceremony is the ceremonial conclusion of a phase of learning and life that you will probably look back on with a smile and a tear in your eye," began President Prof Dr Manuel Ammann in his address. The doctoral students had stuck to their plans, despite doubts or reservations about a doctorate – because these can be quickly refuted, said Ammann. Doctoral students are by no means lacking in professional practice, "HSG attaches great importance to a close exchange between academia and business." 

Generating knowledge from one's own resources

The structured doctoral programme at HSG trains doctoral students to become experts who not only specialise in certain topics, but also dare to think outside the box. Self-organisation, independence, a structured approach as well as determination, perseverance and discipline are virtues that the doctorate particularly promotes. 

But what is the unique selling point of a doctorate? "It offers the unique opportunity to acquire expertise in a field that, in addition to technical and methodological skills, also includes the ability to contextualise your own research. What's more, you learn to create knowledge yourself," explained the president. Only those who know how knowledge is created can seriously scrutinise it and thus make independent judgements. In an increasingly digitalised world, critical thinking is invaluable, as it enables the confident handling of a wide variety of data and theories.

Ultimately, according to the president, the core competence of doctoral students is "a view of the world trained in scientific rigour, a systematic yet creative approach to intellectual challenges of all kinds". The values of science such as integrity, professionalism and collegiality should now also be passed on by the graduates themselves in society, business and science, said President Manuel Ammann to the new doctoral students on their graduation.

Doctoral students and guests in the Audimax

Speech by HSG alumna Dr. Maleen Knaak

Musical accompaniment by the music ensemble "Claude Diallo Situation"

There was great joy when the new doctors received their diplomas

Courageously shaping the future 

HSG alumna Dr Maleen Knaak, Director Business Transformation of the agency network dentsu DACH, gave the keynote speech. She shared her five personal insights with the doctoral students on how her doctorate has shaped her future: 

  1. Resilience: the experience of a PhD makes you strong.
  2. Passion for the truth: data and facts create clarity and are a necessary basis for courageous decisions.
  3. Reciprocity: now is the time to give back - to be generous with knowledge and support for others. 
  4. Impact: The doctorate is an opportunity to raise your voice and take responsibility. 
  5. Community: acceptance into the circle of HSG alumni. 

The 49 graduates received their doctoral diplomas in: 

  • 24 in Management,
  • 3 in Economics and Finance,
  • 5 in Finance,
  • 5 in Organizational Studies and Cultural Theory,
  • 5 in International Affairs and Political Economy,
  • 5 in Law,
  • 2 in Computer Science.

Image: Foto Lautenschlager GmbH