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HSG Master's ceremony: Internalising means realising

Only what we actually internalise has an influence on our lives, President Manuel Ammann told the 576 Master's graduates in his address. Knowledge can be found everywhere - but internalising it is the very special skill that the degree course your degree has promoted. Only in this way can knowledge find its way into thought and action.

The Master's Graduation Day took place on Saturday in the Olma Hall. The graduates received their diplomas in the following majors:

  • 83 in Business Innovation (MBI),
  • 64 in Management (MUG), 3 in General Management (MGM),
  • 20 in Strategy and International Management (SIM),
  • 73 in Master of Arts in Banking and Finance (MBF),
  • 99 in Accounting and Finance (MaccFin) and 18 in Accounting & Corporate Finance (MACFin),
  • 22 in Management, Organisation and Culture (MOK),
  • 23 in Economics (MEcon),
  • 12 in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F),
  • 40 in Legal Studies (MLaw),
  • 33 in Legal Studies with Economic Sciences (MLE),
  • 13 in International Law (MIL),
  • 33 in Marketing Management (MiMM),
  • 26 in International Affairs and Governance (MIA),
  • 10 in Computer Science (MCS),
  • then 4 additional degrees in business education.

Address by President Manuel Ammann

The Master's graduates thanked their families, friends and guests in the audience

Musical accompaniment by Malcolm Green & the HSG Combo Band

The HSG Ambassadors' new paths will also be supported by the alumni with their diverse lectures/seminars. "We want to be and remain a lively and inspiring community," said Mathieu Jaus, President of HSG Alumni, in his speech.

Knowledge creates confidence in oneself 

Over the past two years, the graduates have deepened their knowledge of their disciplines in numerous lectures and seminars and have amassed a wealth of knowledge in the process, recalled President Manuel Ammann. But is knowledge still so important today? There is a saying that "knowledge means knowing where you stand", he pointed out. But a degree programme is much more at university, students learn to think and to understand what they have learned. Knowledge is indispensable for this, emphasised the President. 

Information is omnipresent on the Internet and available at all times. However, knowledge itself must be stored by each and every individual in order to be able to use it. "As long as you leave knowledge management to others, the best theories and the most precise data will hardly find their way into your thoughts and actions," said Manuel Ammann. Those who internalise knowledge can think independently and make well-balanced decisions. 

Another important aspect of knowledge is protection from authorities. Or as Immanuel Kant put it almost three hundred years ago: "Sapere aude”. "Dare to use your own judgement." According to President Ammann, when we disregard knowledge and remove it from our memory, others take advantage of it. They promise guidance and want to do the thinking for us. He then concluded by urging the graduates to trust in themselves above all else. 

Images: Lautenschlager GmbH