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Sustainable economic activities

Young HSG researchers will stage the 9th DocNet Management Symposium on 18 November 2011. Guests taking part in the discussions will include Carl Christian v. Weizsäcker and Ramon Werner, BP Switzerland.


9 November 2011. Constant growth is an important factor for our prosperity. What growth rates must be aimed at in order for a nation to generate prosperity on a permanent basis or for a company to remain successful? Are we able to afford “growth at any price”, be it on credit or be it at the expense of our natural resources? This is what representatives from academia, politics, and trade and industry will discuss with young HSG researchers in the course of the 9th DocNet Management Symposium.

Problem-solving approaches instead of thinking in terms of crises
In the morning, academics and politicians from various regions of the world will speak about economic problem-solving approaches for sustainable growth. This will be followed by lectures delivered from the point of view of enterprises such as Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, which was established in 1756. The fact that growth can also be generated with a sparing use of resources is demonstrated by examples like that of Suntech Power, the biggest producer of solar modules worldwide. The speakers’ contributions in essay form appear along with a great deal of background information in a conference book entitled Balanced Growth: Finding Strategies for Sustainable Development published by Springer-Verlag, which will be presented during the Symposium.

Symposium for young researchers

With more than 700 members, DocNet is the biggest association at the University of St.Gallen. The annual Management Symposium provides a dialogue platform for issues arising in connection with management and the entrepreneurial environment. It aims to bring together leading representatives from trade and industry, politics and academia, and to cast a critical eye on different facets of a current issue.

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