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Slam poetry in St.Gallen

In the Autumn Semester, representatives of the Spoken Word movement and of slam poetry will perform in St.Gallen’s Post Office Building. They will present their poems and stories with powerful eloquence.


30 October 2012. Every semester, Swiss writers give readings as part of the HSG’s public lecture programme. This year, the guests are four artists of the Spoken Word movement and of poetry slams. They will display their eloquence in verbal, mostly improvised performances.

Improvised language acrobatics
In the “Spoken Word” genre, a lyrical text or a narrative will be performed on stage. The spoken word has priority. “Poetry slams” are competitions between poets, a literary performance contest in which poets perform texts written by themselves within a fixed timeframe. The text performance is complemented by the poets’ deliberate self-dramatisation.

Differentiated perspectives
The audience will not only be able to enjoy dramatised poetry and prose; the four performers of the poetry slam evenings will themselves also comment on their often ironical and socially critical spoken word texts. On 8 November, Pedro Lenz will take the stage, Nicolette Kretz a week later, on 15 November. On 22 November, Richi Küttel will perform, and on 29 November, Gabriel Vetter will provide an insight into his linguistic artistry. All four artists have already won poetry slams. The performances will take place on Thursday at 7.30 p.m. in the Post Office Building near St.Gallen Main Railway Station.

Photo: Photocase / Seleneos

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