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Questioning gender images

On Tuesday, 18 November 2014, a public panel discussion on the topic "Think Twice – Persuade with Stereotypes" will take place in the Library Building. The speakers will question the societal impact that the gender images produced by the media and the advertising industry can have.


11 November 2014. The media and the advertising industry have an influence on society. They contribute towards public opinion making and inform value judgements. Thus they also produce images which in society are perceived as "typically female" and "typically male".

"Think Twice – Persuade with Stereotypes" 

In the panel discussion about the topic "Think Twice – Persuade with Stereotypes", the following questions will be debated: What impact do the media and the advertising industry generate with the use of gender-specific attributions? What responsibility do they bear? Are media users and customers manipulated with the gender images? Do they question the images of women and men that are produced?

The event will begin on Tuesday, 18 November 2014, at 6.15 p.m. The discussion will take place in Room 09-011 at the University of St.Gallen. It will be in German and will be moderated by the journalist Michèle Binswanger. The panel will be constituted by the following personalities:

  • Silvia Binggeli, editor, Annabelle magazine
  • Chris Köver, cultural scientist and journalist (Missy Magazine)
  • David Schärer, co-owner/CEO, Rod Kommunikation
  • Andreas Laux, editor, GQ Digital 

"Check your Stereotypes!"
In the current semester, further exhibitions and events about the issue of stereotypes will take place at the HSG. Since 30 October and until 11 December, researchers of the Universities of St.Gallen, Basel, Lucerne and Zurich have given and will give weekly lectures on the topic of "Man and maleness" from a variety of perspectives. The lecture series is part of the public programme and is run by Dr. Christa Binswanger, Permanent Lecturer in Gender and Diversity.

In addition, the Equal Opportunities Service Centre of the University of St.Gallen will show ETH Zurich's touring exhibition "Check your Stereotypes!" in the side foyer of the Main Building from 17-28 November. The exhibition will sensitise spectators to gender stereotypes in science and research.

Image: Flyer, "Check your Stereotypes!"

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