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Profit from integration

A series of lectures that is part of the University of St.Gallen’s public lecture program is devoted to the issue of Diversity Management.


17 February 2010. Every human being is different, and it is helpful for employees and enterprises if this is taken into account in the world of work. In the six lectures, the first of which will be given on 24 February 2010, renowned practitioners present their concepts and success stories.

Everyone profits from integration
Today’s world is characterized by diversity and heterogeneity – and this also applies to every human being’s individual world. Companies and public institutions have to be able to deal with this. Even now, for instance, every fourth working hour is performed by migrants. Nevertheless, no expensive isolated solutions must be sought for this group of employees.

After all, everyone ultimately profits from integration: employers, employees and their families, and society as a whole. An integrated, holistic approach to the management of diversity is the key to the linkage between integration and benefit creation. Yet how do firms and public institutions succeed in this field?

Making use of individual skills
On the basis of his or her origin, age and gender, every human being has special skills which, besides specialist qualifications, must be made use of in specific working situations. The utilization of such talents, which often lie fallow, can provide a company with a competitive edge.

In this series of lectures, reputable practitioners present concepts of how diversity can be used in the interest of people and organizations.

Start on 24 February 2010
The lecture series will start on 24 February 2010 in room HSG 09-115. All the other dates of the series, which is directed by Dr. Nils Jent, Head of Applied Research of the Center for Disability and Integration (CDI-HSG), can be found on pp. 20/21 in the public lecture course brochure.

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