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New app "Art@HSG"

Since very recently, both students of and visitors to the HSG have had the opportunity to explore the impressive collection of modern art on the campus – with the newly launched Art@HSG app. How does this service go down with students? By student reporter Niels Niemann.

28 September 2018. No fewer than 50 works of art can be admired in and around the University of St.Gallen; indeed, the university building with its architectural style reminiscent of Brutalism is a work of art in its own right. Although many students are aware of the fact that there is art on the campus, only very few have so far availed themselves of the opportunity to join in one of the exciting guided tours in order to get to know the art works in more detail. This is why the art app now provides an alternative way for students to familiarise themselves with the art at the HSG – under their own steam.

Search for clues on the Museum Night

Students had an initial opportunity to try out the app during this year’s Museum Night. On their own smartphone or a hired tablet, they could choose between a tour in the Main Building or in the Library Building. Even though many were sceptical at first, all of them greatly enjoyed learnin the background story to "The Fly Erika", for instance, or a possible interpretation of the words "happiness is expensive". The app does not only furnish detailed information about the works of art but also about the artists, many of whom specifically created their works of art for the locations where they now stand.

Many students find the background knowledge they have acquired through the art app exciting and therefore also like to pass it on to fellow students over a cup of coffee on the campus. Most of them are likely to pay a little more attention to their environment during the next break between lectures in the Main Building.

Art as a source of inspiration

The University of St.Gallen sets great store by ensuring that students come into active contact with art. "In a certain way, art illustrates the HSG’s integrative concept of education. Art acts as a source of inspiration and as a reflection and projection surface of our own thoughts," says Dr. Bruno Hensler, Director of Administration of the University of St.Gallen. As the initiator of the art app, it was his vision to make information about the works of art accessible to all students in a simple and attractive way. Therefore anyone can simply download the app from the App Store or from Google Play.

By now, the app already has just under 150 active users. In future, further functions are intended to be added. According to Astrid Heinrich, who is responsible for the art app, the precise location maps of all the works of art should be posted by the end of October. Furthermore, there are plans to integrate the works of art on the Executive Campus and the changing exhibition in Tellstrasse 2 into the art app. These new functions are meant to provide students with an incentive to experience art at the University anew again and again.

Niels Niemann is studying Business Administration in the fifth semester and is a student employee in the Communication Department of the University of St.Gallen.

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