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Jens Steiner to read at the HSG

On Thursday, 19 March 2015, at 7.30 p.m., the Swiss writer Jens Steiner will read from his book entitled "Junger Mann mit unauffälliger Vergangenheit" in the University Library. This public reading is part of the series "Das andere Buch an der Uni". Admission will be free.


12 March 2015. In Jens Steiner's novel, Paul is planning a schoolboy prank together with a friend, namely an attack on media tsar Kudelka. The deed has no consequences, but then something unexpected happens: a museum full of speaking objects, a teaspoon of salt and a pizza make Paul's life come apart at the seams. He finds himself captive in someone else's flat and learns that Kudelka has been kidnapped – and that he is wanted as the prime suspect. This starts off a refined and exciting story of a chase that leads to Southern France – and has a surprising end.

Books and a radio play

Jens Steiner was born in Zurich in 1975. He read German studies, philosophy and comparative literature in Zurich and Geneva. In 2011, his first novel, "Hasenleben", appeared, followed two years later by "Carambole". His radio play "Supermänner" was aired at the same time as his most recent novel, "Junger Mann mit unauffälliger Vergangenheit" was published.

Winner of the 2013 Swiss Book Prize

Jens Steiner's novels "Hasenleben" und "Carambole" were nominated for the German Book Prize. His first novel earned him the sponsorship prize of the Swiss Schiller Foundation. In 2012, Jens Steiner received the "Das zweite Buch" award from the Marianne and Curt Dienmann Foundation. He won the Swiss Book Prize with "Carambole".

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