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“Elephants` Parade” at the HSG

On Tuesday, 19 February 2013, the chairmen of all the political parties will meet for a political discussion in the Audimax of the HSG. The event is open to the public, admission free of charge.


7 February 2013. On 3 March 2013, Switzerland will be experiencing a hot voting Sunday. With the popular initiative “against fat-cat pay-outs”, the federal resolution on family policy and the partial revision of the Spatial Planning Act, the list of items is made up of explosive issues.

But Switzerland is also facing great challenges in terms of foreign policy, as the public debate about its political relationship with the EU shows. These are the topics to be discussed by the so-called “Elephants’ Round” on 19 February 2013. The panel will consist of


  • Toni Brunner, National Councillor and Chairman of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP)
  • Christophe Darbellay, National Councillor and Chairman of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (CVP)
  • Martin Landolt, National Councillor and Chairman of the Bourgeois Democratic Party (BDP)
  • Christian Levrat, Councillor of States and Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SP)
  • Philipp Müller, National Councillor and Chairman of the FDP.Die Liberalen

The discussion will be chaired by the Eastern Swiss journalist Stefan Schmid, home editor and head of the Federal Palace team of the Aargauer Zeitung.

Photo: Photocase / Jba

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