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Economic power Brazil

On Tuesday, 14 September 2010, the President of the Central Bank of Brazil, Dr. Henrique Meirelles, will deliver a public lecture on the topic of “Brazil: Economic Outlook and Perspectives”.


8 September 2010. On 3 October 2010, Brazil will elect a new president to succeed the popular Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The emerging country with its approx. 190 million inhabitants has weathered the international financial and economic crisis remarkably well.

Economic perspectives of the BRIC countries
In his lecture at the HSG Henrique Meirelles, President of the Central Bank of Brazil, will speak about the impact of the financial and economic crisis on Brazil and Latin America as a whole. He will also deal with his country’s economic perspectives. Brazil is one of the so-called BRIC group, which is made up of the economically emerging countries Brazil, Russia, India and China. The Brazilian economy has grown steadily for years on the basis of financial stability and currrency reserves. Henrique Meirelles has made a substantial contribution to the successful Brazilian financial policy of recent years.

Registration for the lecture at the HSG
The President of the Central Bank of Brazil will visit the HSG at the invitation of the Centro Latinoamericano-Suizo (CLS-HSG). Media representatives and any other members of the general public who are interested in hearing Dr. Henrique Meirelles’ lecture, please register with Beatrix Kobelt.

You will also be informed by e-mail should there be any short-notice changes with regard to the lecture.
Place: Library Building of the HSG, Dufourstrasse 50, Room 09-011.
Time: Tuesday, 14 September 2010; the lecture will begin at 2.15 p.m.

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