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Criminology and Beethoven’s Ninth

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) invites the general public to a wide range of 38 lectures in Spring Semester 2013. The lectures will begin on Monday, 18 February.


30 January 2013. Campus impressions seen from an aerial perspective adorn the brochure. These unknown views show that the University of St.Gallen can always be discovered in yet another different way – for instance in the context of the 38 public lectures which will take place in the Spring Semester.

Links to St.Gallen
A quarter of the lectures focus on links with the city and the region. Thus several series establish direct links to the city and the region: a guided tour of St.Gallen, the contemplation of local art-in-architecture projects, an introduction to the city’s “Energy Concept 2050” and a look back on the canton’s cost-cutting debates. At a national level, issues of interest concern alternative transport systems, agricultural free trade and the way in which other challenges of economic policy are tackled. In the lecture series “The HSG in the region”, four professors will speak about migration at Heerbrugg Cantonal School.

Historical foci
Several lectures focus on history: in the arts, there will be lectures on European Romanticism and Swiss Baroque; in medicine, on hormones; and in music, on Beethoven’s legendary Ninth Symphony, Tchaikovsky’s complete works and, from the angle of theology, St.Gallen choral works. Literary criticism will also travel back into different epochs: Italian studies to the 1990s, American studies to the 1960s and French studies to Romanticism, while Romansh studies will deal with the poetry of the last fifty years. The cultural science lectures will take us to remote areas and times: to Eastern Europe and Africa, to early Uzbekistan and to the China of the last thirty years.

For the first time, there will also be lectures on criminology, besides the firmly established disciplines of theology, psychology and psychiatry.

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