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Balancing architecture principals

Good architecture does not only require good architects but also good principals. From 24 October onwards, St.Gallen’s Head of Public Works and architects will discuss their cooperation.


16 October 2012. In the public lectures, four recently built or currently planned projects will be analysed: the Rock-Pop Centre, the Nature Museum, the Buchwald Gymnasium and the Concert Hall. The most important actors – the Head of Public Works Erol Doguoglu and the architects involved in the project – will explain their views and consider their various contributions to building culture. In so doing, they will reveal the complexity and contradictions of building and make the audience aware of the development of building culture.

Before and during the construction process
The conversion of the former Lachen School into a Rock-Pop Centre is still in full swing. On 24 October, Erol Deguoglu will talk to the architect of the Rock-Pop Centre, Daniel Cavelti, about their working relationship. A ballot will produce the decision regarding the new construction project for the Nature Museum near the Botanical Garden. If the project is accepted, construction work can be expected to start in 2013. Architects Marius Hug and Armon Semadeni will analyse their planned project with Doguoglu on 7 November.

After the construction process
The renovation of the Buchwald Gymnasium was completed a year ago. What cooperation looked like during the process will be discussed by the Head of Public Works and the architects Eva Keller and Peter Hubacher on 14 November. In 2010, a project for the improvement of the acoustics in the Concert Hall was completed. Annoying acoustic effects could be remedied. Architects Meritxell Vaquer and Daniel Bosshard will discuss the various construction stages with their then principal on 21 November.

Photo: St.Gallen Bodensee Tourismus

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