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Appointment: Stefan Bühler

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler has been Full Professor of Applied Microeconomics at the HSG’s School of Economics and Political Science since 1 August 2012.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler was born on 27 May 1968. He is a Swiss national.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler read economics at the HSG and obtained his Licentiate’s degree in 1994. Subsequently, he took up doctoral studies at the HSG and attended the “Swiss Program for Beginning Doctoral Students in Economics” in Gerzensee. His doctoral thesis focused on competition and comprehensive basic provision in telecommunications.

SNSF professorship
After obtaining his Doctor’s degree in 1999, Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler moved to the University of Zurich, where he worked as a senior assistant at the Socioeconomic Institute. He habilitated there in 2006. Between 1998 and 2006, he completed several research stays abroad, for instance at the Copenhagen Business School and the University of Florida in Gainesville. From 2006 to 2007, Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler worked as a visiting professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. After his return, he took up a professorship funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), in which the HSG was a host institute.

Research foci
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler is an applied microeconomist with a special focus on industrial economics, regulation and competition policy. His work is predominantly theoretical, but he has also published various empirical papers. He has an excellent publication record in the field of microeconomics, which does not only include contributions to leading journals but also a textbook on industrial economics.

International network
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler cooperates with numerous co-authors both at home and abroad (Copenhagen Business School, Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics, HSBC London, Frontier Economics London, University of Bonn, University of Zürich, University of Regensburg). He regularly presents his research results at academic conferences and is an active participant in the scientific discourse. Thanks to his membership of CESifo Munich, to CIE Copenhagen and to ENCORE Amsterdam, he is part of an outstanding international network.

Vice-President of the Competition Commission
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler has a proven interest in issues of economic policy. As Vice-President and as an independent member of the Competition Commission (COMCO) in Berne, he has been involved in Swiss competition policy with a great deal of personal dedication for years. These activities have resulted in valuable impulses for research and teaching. Furthermore, he has pronounced on topical political issues in the press and on television on various occasions.

Teaching experience
As a senior assistant at Zurich University, Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler was responsible for large-scale lectures in microeconomics at the basic level. At the University of St.Gallen, he delivered the large-scale course on Microeconomics II when substituting for a chair in Winter Semester 2005/06. In addition, he was responsible for various microeconomic lectures as a visiting professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. From Autumn Semester 2007/08, Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler taught at the University of St.Gallen as an SNSF professor.

Director of the Institute of Economics
In the future, Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler will take particular charge of the basic courses in microeconomics in the Assessment Year and at the Bachelor’s Level, as well as at the Master’s Level. In addition, he will offer courses in his research fields. He will occupy the position of a Director at the Institute of Economics (FGN-HSG).

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