Juliane Beck

Juliane Beck

Juliane Beck

Wissenschaftliche Assistentin


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European Union Law

International Law

Migration Law

New Technologies (incl. AI)


Law Degree (Humboldt-University Berlin) (10/2016-03/2021) 

B.A. International Relations (Technical University Dresden and Lunds University, Sweden) (10/2012-03/2016)


Juliane Beck is a teaching assistant in International Law.

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Juliane Beck currently works on the interdisciplinary Research Project  “Meaningful Human Control of Artificial Intelligence in Security Systems.” 

In her Ph.D., she investigates the fundamental rights impact of (existing and prospective) AI systems designed to support humans in deciding on the admission of third-country nationals to EU territory and their status under EU law. She is concerned with how regulatory safeguards may be crafted and human control ensured so that fundamental rights do not get undermined in the process of increased technologization. 

She has recently been a Visting Researcher at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law in Cambridge, UK.