DIA Faculty

The DIA faculty is made up of professors from the four disciplines economics, political science, management and public international and European law. The faculty members may also serve as supervisors or co-supervisors for a thesis.

DIA Faculty

Name Research Interests
Prof. James W. Davis, Ph.D. Theories of International Politics, Security Policy
Prof. Dr. Klaus Dingwerth Political Theory, International and Transnational Relations 
Prof. Patrick Emmenegger, Ph.D. Comparative and International Political Economy, Public Policy, Social Science Methodology
Prof. Dr. Christoph Frei International Relations, History of Political Ideas, France (political system, political culture) 
Prof. Tina Freyburg, Ph.D. International and European governance, transgovernmental networks; democracy promotion and transnational socialization; social science methodology
Prof. Dr. Dirk Lehmkuhl European Public Policy, European External Relations 
Name Research interests
Prof. Dr. Francesco Audrino Computational Statistics, Financial Econometrics, Machine Learning
Prof. Dr. Johannes Binswanger Economics, Data science, machine learning, Political economics, Innovative approaches to teaching economics, Adapting academic curricula in economics to the digital age
Prof. Timo Boppart, Ph.D. International Trade, Growth, Distribution, Development
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bühler Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Regulation, Antitrust Law and Economics 
Prof. Guido Cozzi, Ph.D. Macroeconomics
Prof. Enrico De Giorgi, Ph.D. Decision Theory, Risk Theory, Quantitative Behavioural Finance 
Prof. Beatrix Eugster, Ph.D. Applied Econometrics, Disability and Integration, Labour Economics
Prof. Simon Evenett, Ph.D. Foreign Policy and Development
Prof. Dr. Matthias Fengler Financial econometrics and statistics, Empirical finance
Prof. Dr. Reto Föllmi Macroeconomics, International Trade
Prof. Dr. Lyudmila Grigoryeva  
Prof. Dr. Roland Hodler Development Economics, Political Economics, Public Economics 
Prof. Dr. Martin Kolmar Economics with focus on Applied Microeconometrics
Prof. Dr. Winfried Koeniger Macroeconomics, Consumption, Labor Economics, Decisions under Uncertainty
Prof. Dr. Michael Lechner Causal Machine Learning, Sports, labour, health, and population economics; Microeconometrics
Prof. Paolo Piacquadio, Ph.D. Public economics, Welfare economics, Optimal redistribution policies, Inequality, poverty, mobility, Intergenerational equity, Fairness, Social preferences
Prof. David Preinerstorfer, Ph.D. Causal machine learning, Big Data
Prof. Dr. Dominik Sachs Public Economics, Macroeconomics, Inequality, Education
Prof. Dr. Alexander Geissler

Health systems research, health services research, health economics, health care management, health policy

Prof. Dr. Kuno Schedler Comparative Public Management, Public Sector Accounting and Budgeting, Organization Theory 
Prof. Dr. Charlotta Sirén Strategic entrepreneurship, Organizational learning, Ambidexterity, Emotions, Corporate entrepreneurship
Prof. Dr. Judith Walls Environmental strategy and performance, CEOs and Board of Directors, Institutional theory, Alternative theories of governance, Micro-foundations of sustainable behaviour
Prof. Dr. Rolf Wüstenhagen Management of Renewable Energies; Decision-Making of Energy Consumers and Investors under Uncertainty 
Name Research interests
Prof. Dr. Thomas Burri Public international law, European law, artificial intelligence 
Prof. Dr. Bardo Fassbender General public international law, United Nations Law, Comparative constitutional law and history
Prof. Dr. Peter Hongler Tax Law, International Tax Law, Corporate Taxation

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