HSG Ethnography Talks

HSG Ethnography Talks have emerged as an initiative by ethnographers who have found themselves in an inspiring interdisciplinary setting of the School for Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS). With the goal to make use of synergies this unique setting offers, we decided to use the notion of Ethnography as a focal point for a wider transdisciplinary conversation. We understand Ethnography as an interplay of ethnographic fieldwork and a commitment to ethnographic theory and writing, primarily developed and practiced by anthropologists and sociologists, but also widely used in other fields of knowledge such as Human Geography, Media Studies or STS. Both fundamental and contested, due to its transdisciplinary scope Ethnography figures as a prime platform for conversations about methodological and epistemological issues in contemporary social and cultural sciences. The goal of the HSG Ethnography Talks is to gather colleagues from the SHSS (and the HSG), as well as invited (international) guest speakers to reflect upon ongoing and future research as well as wider epistemological and methodological issues. By focusing in depth on why and how one practices Ethnography; where Ethnography starts and where it ends; if and how one could make use of Ethnography in own research; and finally, why one decides to use other approaches will not only enable conversations on particular research topics. Moreover, the HSG Ethnography Talks represent a platform for a joint and critical reflection on issues such as power and (different kinds of) knowledge, research and data ethics, personal dimensions of research, socio-political relevance and impact of research, digitalization etc.

Hosted by: ‘Critical Ethnography Collective’

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Autumn Term 2021

Spring Term 2022

Autumn Term 2022

Spring Term 2023

Autumn Term 2023

Spring term 2024