The Department of Spanish Language and Literature offers courses at the Bachelor's and Master's levels, as well as in the doctoral programs "Organization & Culture" and "International Business".

Learning Objectives

In contextual studies, we aim to make students interculturally aware and to enrich core subject knowledge about Brazil, the Spanish-speaking regions of Latin America, and the Iberian Peninsula with socially and culturally relevant topics. In this regard, language courses play obviously an important role.

Interdisciplinary teaching

Just as specified by the SHSS research network KIM (German abbreviation for Cultures - Institutions - Markets), the teaching aims to link cultural and literary studies with the economic, legal and political disciplines. For this reason, we repeatedly teach seminars in co-teaching with colleagues from the core subjects (e.g., on "Management als literarisches Thema" or "Das Scheitern des Rechts in der Literatur").


Luso-Brazilian studies are more prominently incorporated into the curriculum; therefore, a Portuguese course is offered in addition to Spanish language courses.
In the new master's and doctoral program Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (DOK), transcultural, cultural-theoretical and aesthetic issues with a view to Latin America and Spain come to the fore.


The focus is especially on cultural contact situations (e.g. the situation of U.S. Latinos), artistic forms of expression (music, film, visual arts, literature, theater, performance) or the interplay between fictional and empirical-real dimensions.


Lectures and Courses

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