Teaching and Supervision


American Studies at HSG is represented by two permanent faculty members, though there are many others who also teach courses within or pertinent to American Studies. We encourage you to carefully browse the course offerings for each semester, or get in touch if you have any questions about offerings relevant to American Studies.



Claudia Franziska Brühwiler is open to supervising BA and MA theses in German or English in the following fields

  • U.S. politics and political thought
  • U.S. foreign policy
  • History of political ideas, in particular conservatism and libertarianism
  • Populism
  • Politics and literature


If you have an idea for a thesis in one of these fields, please write to and we take it from there. I am generally open to inquiries from BIA and MIA students who have not been able to find a supervisor. Should I not be the right fit for your suggested topic, I will help you find an alternate supervisor.

Suzanne Enzerink is open to supervising BA and MA theses in English in the following fields:

  • Modern U.S. history
  • The U.S. in the world
  • Inequality in the U.S.
  • U.S. civil rights and race  
  • gender and sexuality studies
  • film & media studies
  • environmental history and representation


If you have an idea for a thesis, please write to with a short paragraph outlining your proposed topic and your envisioned timeline for completing the thesis. I will then write back to set up a first meeting with you if I think it could be a good fit, or refer you to alternate supervisors if I do not think I am the right person to work with you.