The core team for American Studies has research expertise in a number of complementary fields.

Claudia Franziska Brühwiler is interested in the intersections of politics, literature, and culture. Her main research area is the conservative movement in the United States, in particular the populist strand and the emergence of postliberal thought. In the past, she has focused on Ayn Rand’s influence and libertarianism in general. In addition, Claudia Brühwiler works on the interplay of politics and literature, with particular interest in Philip Roth’s oeuvre. You can find her publications on Alexandria and

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Suzanne Enzerink writes on and researches transnational American Studies, media studies, and the subversive potential of race and sexuality within US cultural productions. She also works on post-1945 U.S. history and culture, with a focus on progressive and transnational networks. You can read more about her work on her Alexandria profile or her personal website,

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