HSG publications: EDIS - EDOK - Alexandria

Our local databases EDIS, EDOK, Alexandria and the publication archive HSG provide access to the theses and dissertations of our students, the publications of our researchers and the publication archive of the University of St. Gallen

Databases only:

Database types

Scientific articles (fulltext/abstracts)
E-Book portal
Corporate / industry information
Country information / statistics
Press / Newspapers
Video database
Legal database

Database accesses

freely accessible / open access
licensed for University of St.Gallen
available only in Library / with HSG Login

Other specifications

integrated in HSGswisscovery
with Alma Link Resolver enabled
marked as top database

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Contact for EDIS / EDOK
+41 71 224 22 73


Contact for Alexandria
Ruedi Lindegger
+41 71 224 76 00


Contact for Alexandria quality control
Gabriela Dornbierer
+41 71 224 22 74