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Case Studies

The Case Centre: submit and order case studies

The University of St.Gallen is a member of The Case Centre. Its collection includes the following cases:

  • all HSG case studies
  • more than 48,000 management cases, supplementary material, videos, interactive CD-ROMs and journal article reprints from a wide rage of educational establishments spanning from Ivy league schools to smaller institutions

By using the interface you can search the collection and find the cases you need. Each case is supplied with a short introduction.

Registration: professors and lecturers, please follow this link to create an account. After your registration, The Case Centre checks if you are an approved educator. Once the check is completed you are entitled to order.

To order a case: follow this link to find out information on prices and shipping details. Note that you will have to order at least five copies, since this service is intended for teaching purposes only. The library will cover the costs for bachelor's, master's or Ph.D. level lectures. If so, please send the invoice to elibrary[at] including number and title of the lecture.

To submit a case: the submission page contains all the information and documents you need to successfully submit your case.

Case Centre Awards 2017: The case study "Tesla Motors: Business Model Configuration" by Erwin Hettich and Günter Müller-Stewens won the Overall Award 2017.


Gerald Peichl
Contact person for submitting cases and general questions
+41 71 224 22 86

Antonia Fuchs
Contact person for ordering case studies
+41 71 224 22 90

Case Studies of the IoM of the University of St.Gallen (IoM-HSG)

The Institute of Management continually publishes illustrative case studies and complementing teaching notes for educational use. The IoM offers you to download the inspection copy of the published case studies and ask the respective author for additional case material. The original case studies and teaching notes can be ordered via the displayed link at The Case Centre. For information on the educational use of the case studies and teaching notes please also refer to the author of the specific case study.

EventStudy Tools offers server-side research tools that assist in ‘event-driven research’ such as event study analyses, event history analyses, or optimal-matching analyses. The website’s algorithms and tools also allow for the sourcing of analysis parameters from large amounts of texts, as common in the Finance research field ‘News Analytics’ or Strategy’s ‘Competitive Dynamics’ field. The website holds the following tools:

(1) abnormal return calculator, (2) text analyser for keyword-based event categorisation and scaling, (3) regular expression-based date identifier. Author of the website is Dr. Markus Schimmer.

Which data do you find within the HSG financial databases?

We have compiled research guides on what information can be gathered from which databases.

It may happen that some of our databases do contain certain data but you only have restricted access. This may be because we have not always licensed all the modules. In these cases, it is most likely that similar data can be found in another source. In the documents only effectively available information is described.

Corporate Information Switzerland

SwissFirms is published and regularly updated by the Swiss Chambers of Commerce. The database comprises over 15,000 companies from all industries which are members of one of the partner chambers of commerce. The website provides multilingual information services on the Swiss economy and its players.

Central Business Names Index for Switzerland
This central corporate index is drawn up and updated on a daily basis by the central register of the Swiss Confederation Company Register Office (EHRA). The central register has been in the form of a database since 1990 and presently comprises around 670,000 Swiss companies and names of associations and foundations of which some 461,000 are active and some 205,000 are deleted, plus around 27,000 branches of Swiss and foreign companies.

Corporate Information worldwide

CorporateInformation is a good starting point for international corporate information. The website provides research reports, company profiles, links to another 300,000 profiles and over 1,000 indexed links.

EDGAR Database of corporate information
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC requires all joint-stock companies (except foreign companies and companies with fewer than 10 million USD in assets and under 500 shareholders) to publish details on stock exchange listings and periodic reports in electronic form. This information is in the public domain and can be viewed in the EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval) database.

Financial Data

Karlsruhe Capital Market Database
As part of partnership agreements to foster capital-market-driven research and teaching, this database provides German historical data to universities. The market data are taken from the German stock exchange and the master and maturity data of the “Wertpapiermitteilungen” website (information on securities). 

Aktienführer-Datenarchiv & Saling’s Börsenpapiere
Aktienführer by Hoppenstedt-Verlag, as well as its predecessor Saling‘s Börsenpapiere, offers standardised information on companies listed on German stock exchanges. Data includes information on boards, ownership structure and balance sheets. Due to its relatively long and regular publication since 1870 as well as the continuing high quality of the data included, make Aktienführer a well-used and extraordinary source of data for Germany-focused economic research.

Economic Data on the Internet

Please note that many relevant economic sources are publicly accessible on the internet (see: central banks, research institutes, ministries, think tanks, international organisations, NGOs etc.). These sources are not shown in our list of licensed databases.

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
This U.S. Department of Commerce bureau provides not only regional and national data, but also a great deal of international macroeconomic information.

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
Whether you are looking for economic data, historical data, industrial data or working papers, this website is a good place to start.

NBER Macrohistory Database
A source of comprehensive economic and historical data previous to World War One and the interwar period on production, construction, employment, money supply, prices, the capital market, foreign trade and state activity. Although data once again focus on the U.S., there are also facts and figures on the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Subject Librarians

Gerald Peichl (Dipl. oec.)
Subject librarian Business Administration
+41 71 224 22 86

Jacobus van Seumeren (PhD)
Subject librarian Economics
+41 71 224 22 85

Thorsten Uehlein (Dr.)
Subject librarian Corporate & Finance databases
+41 71 224 22 47

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