Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is a fact.
Equity is a choice.
Inclusion is an action.
Belonging is an outcome.

Arthur Chan

Equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion are central to our University’s pursuit of excellence, fairness and responsibility. We view diversity as an opportunity, and respect as essential.

Open to all HSG staff and students, the Diversity & Inclusion Team works in the areas of equal opportunities and special needs. The  Equal Opportunity Office is the University’s point of contact for D&I issues: personal integrity, diversity, gender equity, family and childcare commitments, sexual orientation, social background and age, racism and xenophobia. The Special Needs Office is the point of contact for enquiries concerning studying and working with disabilities and/or chronic illness, as well as specific health needs due to psychosocial stress.

The Diversity & Inclusion Team provides professional advice and support to both the University’s organizational units and its individual members.

Consultations are personal and confidential.

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