Plagiarism Office

The Plagiarism Office at the University of St.Gallen checks written work centrally and systematically with the aim of continuously optimizing the quality of written work.

The University of St.Gallen has played a pioneering role in electronic plagiarism detection in Switzerland since 2004. Correct and complete citation is essential in all academic study. It is more than a mere means of formal evaluation, rather it contributes significantly to ensuring innovation in scientific work. Accordingly, the citation guidelines hold an important place in the students' curriculum. A wide range of optional courses are available to students to supplement their learning.

The electronic plagiarism check serves to both maintain equal opportunities and ensure the quality of written work. Modern software solutions from market-leading companies in the field of plagiarism and ghostwriting are used for this purpose. Comprehensive and systematic checks of written work are intended to make students of all levels aware of the importance of scientific citation and ensure equality as well as the validity and integrity of all examination results. 

Accusations of plagiarism are not made lightly. Careful investigation is undertaken before every proceeding. Professional assessment is always made in consultation with the supervising lecturers. Cases of minor misconduct are considered in the grading. In serious cases, a grade deduction to as low as grade 1.0 may be imposed. In the case of suspected plagiarism or if the accusations are denied, disciplinary proceedings are initiated.

In potential cases of plagiarism, the author is asked for their position on the accusations. Students are given the opportunity to view the documents on university premises. The decision as to whether disciplinary action will be taken is ultimately made by university management.  

In the event of a disciplinary investigation, the question of guilt will be decided at an oral hearing. Possible sanctions range from an official warning to the payment of a fine or temporary exclusion from studies.

The proactive cooperation with lecturers and regular interaction with students minimises cases of plagiarism. Thus, the plagiarism check primarily helps to assure the quality of teaching and research at the University of St.Gallen.


Emanuel de Bellis

Prof. Dr.

Associate Professor of Empirical Research Methods

Büro 64-416
Torstrasse 25
9000 St. Gallen

Michael Niedermann

Msc in Management and Law

Dep. Head of Study Regulations / Head of Plagiarism Advisory

Dufourstrasse 50
9000 St. Gallen

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