Hate Speech & Digital Violence

Together against hate speech and digital violence

The Council of Europe defines hate speech as “all types of expression that incite, promote, spread or justify violence, hatred or discrimination against a person or group of persons, or that denigrates them, by reason of their real or attributed personal characteristics or status such as ‘race’(*), colour, language, religion, nationality, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.” (CoE, 2022)

(*) Since all human beings belong to the same species, the Committee of Ministers rejects, as does the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), theories based on the existence of different “races”. However, in this document, the term “race” is used in order to ensure that those persons who are generally and erroneously perceived as “belonging to another race” are not excluded from the protection provided for by the legislation and the implementation of policies to prevent and combat hate speech.

Hate Crime (OSCE)

Combating Hate Speech (Council of Europe)

#NetzCourage (German)

Stop Hate Speech (German/French)

report online racism (Reporting Platform for Online Racist Hate Speech, a pilot project of the Federal Commission against Racism)

Public Discourse Foundation (German/French)

HateAid (Non-profit organisation for human rights on the net, Berlin)

Helpdesk gegen Hate Speech (German, project by No-Hate-Speech Movement and Neue deutschen Medienmacher*innen)

SCICOMMsupport (German; Support of scientists and science communicators in case of attacks in science communication in the DACH area)


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