Special Needs

The University of St.Gallen is fully committed to diversity and inclusion. We implement the measures needed to ensure all our students can pursue their degrees with as few barriers as possible. Eliminating structural and cultural barriers is therefore as important to promoting equal opportunities as providing individual support.

The Special Needs Advice Center serves as the contact point for all questions and concerns related to disability, chronic illness or psychosocial stress.

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Our work is based on the following legal foundations:

Our work within the University of St.Gallen is governed by the corresponding decrees and directives.

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Special Needs

Rosenbergstr. 51
9000 St.Gallen

Monika Karola Hessemer

Fachspezialistin Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion
Büro 33-103
Rosenbergstrasse 51
9000 St. Gallen

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