- 16.01.2023 - 08:25 

SEPS welcomes Sabrina Eisenbarth, Associate Professor for Environmental Economics

We are proud to welcome Prof. Sabrina Eisenbarth to the School of Economics and Political Science. Prof. Sabrina Eisenbarth is an Associate Professor for Environmental Economics.  She researches solutions to environmental problems in a globalized world. Her research focuses on two areas. Firstly, it deals with the interplay between international trade and environmental protection. Secondly, it conducts research on the sustainable management of renewable resources, such as fish stocks and forests. Since renewable resources are not always privately owned, but are often jointly managed, she explores possible mechanisms and institutions for better cooperation among the users of these resources. Currently, Prof. Eisenbarth is also working on the NetZeroPlus project, which analyzes how reforestation can be designed in the UK to absorb greenhouse gases while protecting biodiversity. Prof. Eisenbarth's work combines economic theory with empirical data analysis using microeconometric methods, randomized control studies, and laboratory experiments.  To read more about her appointment at HSG visit Appointment: Sabrina Eisenbarth |


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