Podcasts - 06.05.2024 - 11:51 

HSG Student Podcast #56 with Luca from 44 west - across the Atlantic in a rowing boat

In December 2025, Luca Fayd'herbe de Maudave and his three companions will be travelling for about a month. Nothing special? Well, they're doing it in a rowing boat and want to row across the Atlantic as part of the World's Toughest Row.
Rowing across the Atlantic: 44 West. Rowing enthusiast Luca Fayd'herbe de Maudave talks about his challenging Atlantic adventure in the HSG Student Podcast.

They are not only doing this for themselves, but also for a good cause. Luca gives an insight into the preparation for this courageous endeavour and we discuss possible scenarios on board. If you would like to support or follow ‘44west’ further, follow them on Instagram or visit their website: