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What comes after school?

Many school leavers ask themselves: What comes after the school-leaving exam? A Curriculum Guide compiled at the University of St.Gallen helps answering that question.


9. February 2010. What comes after the school-leaving exams? This is a difficult decision for many school leavers. The Institute of Business Education and Educational Management (IWP-HSG) of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) has therefore compiled a Curriculum Guide, which is intended to help prospective students to define their interests and skills and thus to make a deliberate decision about their career after they have left school.

No simple decision
The completion of school education opens up numerous possibilities for prospective students to shape their careers after the final exams. However, this decision is not simple; nor is it one that should be made on the spur of the moment. A wide variety of courses and options are on offer. Achieving an overview is a particular challenge for prospective students.

Plan the career in full awareness
This is where the HSG’s Curriculum Guide comes in. It is a concern of the University of St.Gallen to support this search and decision-making process irrespective of the majors prospective students will then choose. The Curriculum Guide is intended to help learners plan their careers in full awareness of what they are doing. It should also provide prospective students with the ability to cast a self-critical look at their own academic capabilities.

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