Research - 28.06.2010 - 00:00 

The Calatrava shelter should remain

A representative survey conducted by students of the University of St.Gallen reveals that the redesign project for the city’s market square/Bohl/flower market area is going down well with St.Gallen’s population.


4 June 2010. In no other place in Eastern Switzerland do so many people meet as in St.Gallen’s market square. This important meeting point is the object of a redesign project. A lively discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the planned project is going on both in the media and among the general public.

A representative survey conducted among 292 St.Gallen citizens by 24 HSG students under the direction of Prof. Dr. Silvano Moeckli has now presented a differentiated picture of people’s opinions concerning the present appearance of the area and the proposals put forward in the project. The survey did not, however, aim to provide a forecast for the pending popular vote; rather, the results reflect people’s views at an early stage of the opinion-forming process. Morever, interviews were not limited to eligible voters but also included 16- and 17-year-olds and foreign nationals resident in St.Gallen.

Two thirds of the 292 interviewees rate the project as “quite convincing”. When it comes to the crunch, however, the removal of the Calatrava bus and tram shelter might be an obstacle: only 33 per cent agree with it.

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