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Multimedia research channel

The profile area RoCC makes use of the online platform to establish a dialogue with the public. In video interviews HSG researchers present their findings for discussion through this multimedia channel.


30 March 2011. As the name would suggest, RoCC Management Insights make new insights of the School of Management available to the general public. In video interviews and papers, HSG researcherspresent their findings for discussion through this multimedia channel. The research work can be commented online as from now. In order to reach readers beyond Europe’s German-speaking area, most contributions are in English.

Discussing scientific insights online
“We would like to use this portal to develop an exchange about the challenges of responsible corporate management with the general public”, says Prof. Dr. Markus Kreutzer, who leads the project at the Institute of Management at the University of St.Gallen. Professionals, private individuals, students and HSG members, as well as alumni, are able to comment on the contributions and discuss them with the researchers. “The platform has deliberately been designed as a space for dialogue. We invite readers to assess insights and establish direct contact with the authors and other visitors to the site”, says Markus Kreutzer.

Focus on responsible leadership
In RoCC Insights, researchers address a bandwidth of challenges faced by corporate management. For instance, leadership expert Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch explains her concept of organisational energy, behind which there is staff members’ and managers’ ability to imbue themselves and others with enthusiasm for the company’s objectives and to work productively. Prof. Dr. Martin Epplerelucidates how knowledge can be represented visually. The significance of emotional value in family businesses is illustrated by Prof. Dr. Thomas Zellweger. Prof. Dr. Rolf Wüstenhagenexplains what requirements are decisive for strategic decisions concerning investments in renewable energies.

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