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Globalize the educational experience

The HSG is establishing a permanent institute in the Asian city to globalize the educational experience and help build a bridge between European and Asian business leaders.


14 February 2012. In the increasingly global business world, tomorrow's leaders will need the skills to work easily with partners all over the world. To that end, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland has built a bridge between Europe and Asia with the establishment of a permanent hub office in Singapore.

"In the modern business community we must adapt to a global marketplace, and so our future business leaders must be educated globally as well," said Thomas Bieger, President of the HSG who came to Singapore to attend the opening of the newly established St. Gallen Institute of Management in Asia (SGI) on 14 February. "With this hub we can prepare European students to more easily work in Asia, and Asian students work more easily in Europe."

Synergetic platform of research and teaching

The SGI will be a permanent base for HSG in Singapore developing into a synergetic, open platform of research and teaching with about 25 faculty, permanent and affiliated members. Students and faculty from HSG's Swiss campus will be brought to Asia to spend a semester studying and familiarizing themselves with the Asian business culture, while students from Asia will be have the opportunity to study in Switzerland.

The research results from SGI will be used to augment existing HSG programmes like the Asia Term which is a semester long exchange programme between the HSG and the Singapore Management University (SMU). The SGI will develop fresh learning methods, project work, and activities in corporate partners to generate future-oriented abilities to make these existing programmes more innovative.

Know-how for the Asian and the European business world

The SGI will focus on four Core Areas: Centre of Business Development, which will focus on management between strategy, finance, and contribution to society. The Centre of Intercultural Competence, will focus on intercultural communication and developing the skills to work with international and intercultural partners. The Centre of Wealth Management, will focus on investment management, as well as life-cycle and performance analysis. Finally, the Centre of Service Excellence, will focus on customer behaviour and demand trends, service processes, core competencies and learning organizations in interorganization contexts, as well as employee and service provider behaviour.

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