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57 Doctor’s degree awarded

On 15 September 2014, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) awarded 57 Doctor's degrees. In his address, President Thomas Bieger spoke about "Curiosity – a success factor without a sell-by date".


15 September 2014. On the occasion of the Doctor's Degree Award Ceremony, President Thomas Bieger handed over 57 certificates: 35 in Economic Sciences, nine in Social Sciences, six in Law, two in Political Science and five in Economics and Finance.

Curiosity as a driving force

In his address, Thomas Bieger reminded the doctors of their education at the HSG: law, economic sciences, political science and cultural sciences were among the subjects in the Assessment Year. In their doctoral studies, the students dealt with special issues in their respective fields. "When you were writing your thesis, you were compelled to develop research questions of your own," said Bieger. "Those questions were hard work for you, others may already have preoccupied you for a long time." The latter category were always driven by one’s own interest in research, one’s own curiosity.

Intensifying curiosity

"Preserve a healthy measure of curiosity," advised Bieger and added four recommendations: the Doctors should give themselves a task that satisfies their curiosity and makes them want to know more and more every day. If they hit rock bottom with research questions, Bieger recommends that they should develop their curiosity laterally. If they had the feeling that they knew the essential things, there would be new discoveries if they tried to view what they knew from a different perspective. Also, curiosity did not always lead to success; failure, too, can lead to new perspectives.

In her ceremonial address, Federal Judge and HSG alumna Dr. Martha Niquille-Eberle shared her thoughts about the value of obtaining a Doctor's degree and about responsibility for a society in which performance pays off, with the new doctors and their guests. The musical background to the ceremony was provided by Malcolm Green and Marcel Schefer.

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