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2010 dies academicus at the HSG

On Saturday, 29 May 2010, numerous guests from academia, trade and industry, and politics celebrated the traditional dies academicus at the University of St.Gallen.


29 May 2010. This year’s guest region was the Toggenburg. The entrepreneur Fredy A. Lienhard became a new Honorary Senator of the University of St.Gallen.

The following personalities were honoured with an honorary doctor’s degree: Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Kirchner LL.M., Professor of German, European and International Civil and Business Law and Institutional Economics, Prof. Michael Barzelay, Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Transformation and Strategic Initiatives, Prof. Dr. Herrmann Diller, leading marketing champion in the German-speaking area, and Prof. Lans Bovenberg, one of the leading researchers in the field of Public Economics.

The Latsis Prize of the Geneva Latsis Foundation was awarded to Dr. Christian Thöni. In his ceremonial address, President Ernst Mohr spoke about “Youth and University”.

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