Nils Jent

Nils Jent

Nils Jent

Prof. Dr.

Affiliate Professor of Diversity Management

Büro 33-111
Rosenbergstrasse 51
9000 St. Gallen
Main Focuses

Inclusion, Diversity and Ability Management


The television presenter Röbi Koller has written a book: “Dr. Nils Jent – Ein Leben am Limit” [Dr. Nils Jent – A life at the limit”]. The biography of the severely disabled academic Nils Jent. An unparalleled success story.

Additional Information

In a profile of the diversity expert who is known beyond his country’s borders, there is the heading “born: yes, twice”. Since 1980 – due to operative consequences following a traffic accident – Nils Jent has been physically disabled and speech-impaired, as well as blind. A sentence from the institute homepage reads as follows: “This ‘change of sides’, and the consequent experiences from many years of rehabilitation as well as his return to ‘normal life’ lend a high degree of authenticity to his commitment to managing and leading diversity”.