Felix Keller

Felix Keller

Felix Keller

Prof. Dr.

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Büro 52-7102
Müller-Friedberg-Strasse 8
9000 St. Gallen
Main Focuses

Sociology of Knowledge

Epistemology and History of Social Science Research

Utopia research: architectural and micro utopias

Visual Knowledge and visual representations of the social

Fields of research

Utopia research; imaginations of architectural and technological future

Visual knowledge

Further fields of research

Anonymity and Society

Observation techniques and Resistance

Epistemology of conspiracy

  • Habilitation at the University of St. Gallen based on a thesis on "Anonymity and Society". Venia legendi in "Sociology".
  • Doctoral degree based on the study "Archaeology of Opinion Research. Mathematics and the Narrativity of the Political" at the University of Zurich.
  • Study of sociology and political philosophy, social and economic history at the University of Zurich
Professional Career
  • Studied sociology and political philosophy at the University of Zurich
  • Dissertation and assistance at the University of Zurich
  • Premier Assistant of the University of Lausanne
  • Senior Assistant at the University of Lucerne
  • Senior Assistant at the University of Zurich
  • Research at the department "Design & Art" of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Managing Director of the Center for European Social Research, Konstanz
  • Research on and collaboration with the Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales EHESS, Paris
  • Lecturer at the universities of Zurich, Lucerne, Fribourg and St. Gallen
  • Senior lecturer at the University of St. Gallen
  • Habilitation at the University of St. Gallen, Venia legendi in "Sociology"
  • Adjunct Professor (Titular Professor) of Sociology
Teaching Activities

Felix Keller has taught at the Universities of Zurich, Lucerne, Fribourg and St. Gallen.

Current courses

  • Resistance to Technologi
  • Sociology of Machines
  • Crisis - Normality - Catastrophe. The observation of deviants in modern societies
    Sociology of Things
  • Techniques of observation: spies, detectives, algorithms
  • Anonymity and Identity on the Net - a History of Concealment and Revelation (with Caspar Hirschi)
  • Sociology: Of Men and Machines
Research Cooperation

  • Correspondant étranger des Centre de Sociologie Européen der EHESS, Paris. 
  • Zentrum für Europäische Gesellschaftsforschung, Konstanz (bis 2016) 
  • Design & Kunst. Hochschule Luzern 
  • Mitglied der AG Socio-histoire der Europäisierung. Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung  (bis 2018)
  • Bundesamt für Kultur BAK (2018)
  • im Rahmen des Programms KULTUR 2000 der Europäischen Kommission, 2005-2009